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Distribution and Logistics
Transport-forwarding company, PhosAgro subsidiary

The transportation-forwarding company PhosAgro-Trans was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in St. Petersburg. The company runs the rail transport business for PhosAgro, including the transportation of phosphate rock, fertilisers and raw materials. PhosAgro-Trans operates rolling stock within the country and abroad, arranges cargo shipments and transshipments at the ports of St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Novorossiysk and Kaliningrad in Russia and Tallinn in Estonia. In addition, the company has been actively organising multi-modal freight transport, including by road, to provide door-to-door service for PhosAgro’s production subsidiaries.

PhosAgro-Trans has opened offices at locations with the highest concentration of cars and freight in Russia – Cherepovets (Northern Railway), Murmansk (Oktyabrskaya Railway) and Saratov (Volga Railway), and also in Volkhov and Berezniki.

PhosAgro-Trans transported approximately 12 million tonnes of cargo during 2013. The company manages a fleet of approximately 6,000 rail cars, including hoppers, gondola cars, covered cars and rail tank cars. PhosAgro-Trans is financing a major project for the construction of next-generation hopper cars for the transportation of bulk cargo, including mineral fertilisers. In 2013 we purchased 450 new hopper cars, which we used to replace the same number of leased railcars.  This new fleet will be used to service the growing freight transportation needs of PhosAgro’s production subsidiaries, and to replace ageing leased fleet.

75, Severnoe Shosse, Cherepovets, Vologda Region, 162622, Russian Federation 

Tel.: (8202) 59-37-65
Fax: (8202) 59-50-34 

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