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When PhosAgro implements charitable projects, it strives to help people – children, pensioners and the disabled

PhosAgro's charitable programmes are undertaken primarily in the regions where its businesses are located. However, in view of the scale of PhosAgro's activities, they cover a significant part of the country and help to attract society's attention to the problems facing socially vulnerable citizens.

PhosAgro’s charitable activities focus on the following three areas:

  • support for the development of culture, sport and education;
  • support for the most vulnerable categories of citizens (children, pensioners, the disabled);
  • patronage.

PhosAgro’s largest charitable programmes:

  • PhosAgro is implementing the DROZD programme (Educated and Healthy Children of Russia) jointly with the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Physical Education Sport and the State Educational Centre Sambo-70. Sports and educational centres have been opened at local institutes of secondary education in the cities where PhosAgro’s businesses operate; their programmes balance a traditional school education with sports and recreational programmes.
  • The company disburses grants to outstanding pupils and post-graduate students in the cities where PhosAgro’s businesses operate.
  • With the assistance of PhosAgro and the Federation of Internet Education, centres have been set up in Kirovsk and Apatit to improve the qualifications of schoolteachers. The programme is open to all teachers throughout Murmansk Region.
  • With PhosAgro’s support a centre for disabled children has opened at general education school No. 3 in Apatity.
  • In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, PhosAgro holds on an annual basis a sports tournament (Spartakiad) involving teams from all PhosAgro’s businesses, and also the Khibinsky Festival of Physical Culture and Sport. The amateur arts festival PhosAgro Stars facilitates growth in the creative potential of the Company’s employees.
  • On 1 September 2013, specialised PhosAgro classes based on the ten-year school curriculum started in schools in Balakovo (Saratov Region), Volkhov (Leningrad Region), Kirovsk and Apatity (Murmansk Region) and Cherepovets (Vologda Region). This is a step towards developing secondary education and training highly qualified staff to work at PhosAgro companies. The chemists of the future have begun intensive classes in chemistry, physics and mathematics. They will also attend courses in careers, economics, management, etiquette, social competence and other options. Graduates will be able to continue their studies at the best higher educational institutions for the chemicals industry in the country, and then go on to work for companies in the PhosAgro group. There are 125 pupils taking part in the first stage of this education project (this is set to double in 2014).
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